Internship Program

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Outline of Internship Program

  • Internship student
    Doctoral course students or post doctors who obtained their degrees within 5 years.
  • Research Topic
    To be determined by discussion of the candidate, the supervisor, and the accepting company/institute.
  • Internship period
    3-12 months. (Most likely 3 months)
  • Expenses
    DSCC(Doctoral Student Career Center) covers the expenses necessary for the internship program.
  • Intellectual property rights
    To be determined by discussion.

DSCC Coordinators help to make the internship programs by coordinating the candidates, their supervisors and the accepting companies/institutes.

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Internship Program Advantages for Companies/Institutes

  • Talented researchers whose expenses are covered by DSCC will join your project.
  • You will touch the Japanese leading edge technologies through the intern, that could bring about the further research collaborations with the Japanese teams in the future.
  • You can get more knowledge about Japan, Japanese culture, and Japanese way of thinking. The cultural exchanges will be beneficial for the both parties.

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Examples of Internship Program

  • A Company’s Laboratory in Berlin, Germany

  • Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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Internship Statistics (as of June 2011)

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